Nottingham Christadelphians

A Bible based community

The Christadelphians in Nottingham are ordinary people from all walks of life. The name "Christadelphian" means "Brethren in Christ". We are bound together by a common faith in the Gospel preached by Christ and his apostles in the first century. We share the hope of resurrection to eternal life in God's coming Kingdom on earth.


Forest Road

off Alfreton Road

72 Forest Rd West,

Nottingham NG7 4EP

A Public Bible talk is held every Sunday evening at 6pm

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Jarvis Avenue

off Oakdale Road

20 Jarvis Ave (off Oakdale Rd), Nottingham NG3 7BH

Bible hour is held at 10:00 am every first, third and fifth Sunday of the month, and at 2:00 pm every second and fourth Sunday.




Clifton Lane, Wilford,

Nottingham NG11 7ES

Bible Hour is on Sunday mornings at 10am