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Introducing the Bible - 10 week seminar

A 10 week seminar called 'Introducing the Bible'

If you would like to find out about the Bible, then this seminar is for you. Ten concise and informative sessions are delivered in a friendly and comfortable environment. They aim to equip you with the skills required to understand scriptural teaching for yourself and benefit from a new appreciation of the Bible.


Bluecoat Academy Aspley, Aspley Lane, Nottingham, NG8 5GY When:

Thursday evenings, commencing 25th April 2019 at 7:30 pm (God willing)

What you will learn:

Who wrote the Bible – where did it come from? How to remove the “mystery” which many religions cast about the Bible How to use cross-references How to learn more in less time with effective study tools How to overcome the difficult language sometimes used in the Bible History and chronology (the order of events) in the Bible Tips on letting the Bible interpret itself To prove for yourself the Bible is not a work of fiction When an understanding of Hebrew and Greek can help, but why it isn’t essential to Bible understanding What the title “Christ” means, plus plenty of other definitions to make Bible reading easier How science is reconciled with the scriptures Why quoting a single scripture is dangerous (how to keep passages in context) About the Jews and why they are so important in the Bible How so many interpretations of the Bible developed What the differences are between Bible versions and how to choose the best version for yourself Why there is an Old Testament and a New Testament How the Bible deals with the age-old question, “Is man good or evil?” How to use a concordance and a lexicon What the promises of the Bible are What God’s purpose with the earth is

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