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Jerusalem - who's Capital?

Jerusalem is at the centre of the world. Its strategic position is not unnoticed by the world's powers. As an inhabited place it is at least 4000 years old and still continues to engage the attention of politicians. In the last 100 years or so, it has regularly occupied newspaper headlines, more so in recent times, given the frequent attempts to plan its immediate future between two opposing national interests. These attempts have all failed and will continue to fail.

The reason for this failure is because the Old Testament prophets, speaking by the inspiration of God, predicted that “Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone for all peoples" ( Zechariah 12:3 ). In other words, the current problems connected with Jerusalem are, humanly speaking, unsolvable. However sincere these attempts are, God has made other long term plans. It is the place which he chose to put his name, a declaration made through Moses about BC1500. "But I have chosen Jerusalem that my name might be there" ( 2 Chronicles 6:6 ).

The Old Testament prophets, and Jesus himself, called Jerusalem "the city of the great king". Jesus is the great king. He has not yet come in triumph to his city as this is reserved for his second coming. When he comes in glory to Jerusalem, it will become his capital city from which he will reign over all the earth, for "out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem" ( Isaiah 2:3 ).

This is the time when true peace will come to Jerusalem, and the world.

Our next article asks the question "Jerusalem – What now?"

Image acknowledgement. Wayne McLean (Jgritz), CC BY 2.0



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