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Why is life the way it is? (pt2)

In the last article we looked at opposites and discovered how they were in balance.This time we explore a real life case.

Life seems to be so "unfair " at times, doesn’t it?. Headlines which focus on sensationalism and tragedy generally create fear and uncertainty. Perhaps we have only half the picture. What is the story behind the story? The Bible in Genesis chapters 37 – 41 tells the story of Joseph whose life certainly seemed "unfair". His brothers were moved by envy to kill him, but sold him to slave traders, who took him to Egypt. His new master’s wife tried to seduce him, but when she failed she maliciously accused him of trying to seduce her!

His owner clapped him in irons in jail, where he met Pharaoh’s butler and baker.

Joseph interpreted their dreams and the butler was restored to his position, the baker was executed. The butler forgot Joseph and he languished in jail until Pharaoh had a strange dream. Joseph was taken to the palace and told Pharaoh the meaning of his dream. Joseph was immediately promoted to the highest honour, as second ruler in the land!

So, was it all really so unfair?

We must ask: how did envy, the slave trade, seduction, a miscarriage of justice, a poor memory and the ungratefulness of all the people actually help Joseph? More to the point, how did all these seemingly negative things actually serve the purpose of God? But they did.

Every cloud has a silver lining – it’s always there.

Image acknowledgement. Stephen Stacey



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