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Introducing the Bible - an 8 week seminar

If you would like to find out about the Bible, then our seminars are for you.

Concise and informative sessions are delivered in a friendly and comfortable environment. They aim to equip you with the skills required to understand scriptural teaching for yourself and benefit from a new appreciation of the Bible.

When and Where:

Thursdays at 7:30pm (starting 6th Oct 2022)

at Gotham Memorial Hall, Nottingham Road, Gotham, NG11 0HE


Fridays at 7pm (starting 7th Oct 2022)

at Sherwood Community Centre, Woodthorpe House, Mansfield Road, Sherwood, NG5 3FN

What you will learn:

God - His existence, His personality, His character

The Spirit of God

The promises of God - in Eden, to Noah, Abraham and David

Human nature - the soul, the spirit of man, life after death, judgment

The Kingdom of God - what it is, its past and its future

Evil - the devil, satan, demons

Jesus - his origin, his humanity and nature and his work

Baptism - its meaning, the need for baptism


Life in Christ - holiness, politics, worldly pleasure, christian life

Study - preaching, reading, fellowship, breaking bread, marriage

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